About Glacier Online High School Academy & E-Learning

Glacier Online High School Academy embraces E-Learning fundamentals for students who choose to try alternative options to continuing their education. Our school firmly believes in adapting education as times continue to change and every other aspect of life evolves. Our school represents a growing voice of difference who apply the tools of online availability to the practical uses of high school education and GED preparation. Using the Internet in a way to better one's career potential is what we strive for.

Glacier Online High School Academy is an active member of the American Accreditation Council for Higher Education (AACHE). In order to keep membership, Glacier must meet the strict requirements set forth by AACHE and allow continued access to the consistant supervision and review that AACHE applies. Together with AACHE, Glacier Online High School Academy looks to expand online education for students who find a lack of motivation in secular schooling. Our common belief is E-Learning, coupled with sound educational principles will be the direction chosen by more individuals as time goes on. We plan to help shape this new online environment with our motivational curriculum. Glacier Online High School Academy Administration