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If you are ready to earn your high school diploma online, our school offers a quick course that is free and can be taken entirely from a computer. We offer our program to individuals who are looking to complete an online program quickly to earn their high school diploma for a job or many other uses. While the GED can't be taken online, our course is entirely taken and finished online. This practical feature has enabled thousands of students to graduate from our testing platform and receive a real high school diploma.

Through this GED online practice test, you will be asked questions that have multiple answer options in them. Those who are interested in a fast high school diploma program should be advised that no online high school course that can be completed in one sitting or less than a few months will be accredited by a real regional or national accreditation agency.

Our free high school diploma exam covers subjects such as English, Reading, Writing and Mathematics. While you're taking the online test, you will not have to worry about a time limit or finishing it in one sitting. Save these access codes so you can input them and begin where you last left off. Our school organization has had students log back in after a year or longer and their information is still saved and they are able to receive their high school diploma with ease. Take our online high school course if you're ready to continue your higher education potential and better your career opportunities. Our high school diploma package includes a number of items you can use to verify your success with our free online high school equivalency course.

When you have successfully completed the necessary stages of our online GED practice test class, you will have the option to purchase your high school diploma online graduation package. Included in this package, you will receive an authentic high school diploma that will be made out to you and printed on very fine quality paper, similair to traditional high school diplomas. You will also receive your high school transcripts that are also printed on this very fine quality paper as well as a set of fax-quality high school transcripts. The purpose of your high school transcripts is for employers or organizations who request a copy of your transcripts be sent via fax. Your high school transcripts will detail the grades you received on each of the subjects you tested for on the free GED practice test program.

The last important component that our online high school includes in your package is free lifetime verification. This service defines our commitment to graduate students who have orderd their online high school diploma package and need our school to confirm they passed our free online GED alternative test. We allow our graduates to use this confirmation option as many times as they choose. Likewise, this service does not have an expiration date, meaning you can contact us in the future and still be eligible for this free feature. This service allows most employers and organizations to accept our high school diploma online as an equivalent to a diploma awarded from a traditional high school. Our GED counselors are available and on-hand for graduates who are interested in using their verification option and have questions about how to proceed.

Glacier Online High School Academy, through Free Online GED .org, is committed to offering alternative education opportunities through our free high school diploma program and resources provided. If you are studying using free online GED practice test classes, we would like to encourage you to enroll in our high school exam and be on your way to earning an authentic high school diploma online. Our test is free and requires no attendance at a physical location in order to pass. Our school firmly believes in using E-learning as a tool to better the educational potential of those who previously wouldn't have been able to. Get a high school diploma online in a short span of time and use it to improve your career potential, continuing education or one of the many other uses that it has.


If you have looked in Google or other major search engines for a GED online, you will find many websites that mention this phrase. Most websites will correctly acknowledge that they do NOT offer a GED online test but namely a high school diploma program where one can acheive a diploma - not a GED.

The GED test is only administered at a physical location with instructors who supervise the test course. Any website that states that you can receive your GED online from a test you take on their website is FALSE.